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Alumni Article: The 2018 Bavarian Election: Earthquake or Tremor?

In an article for AICGS, Dr. Eric Langenbacher (MAGES ’98) highlights diverse reasons for the decline of the CSU’s voting share in recent Bavarian elections. “The advent of real multi-party competition and coalition governance is a result to celebrate.”


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Student Spotlight: Living the Transatlantic Partnership

A Fulbright scholarship is much more than monthly financial stipends. Joining an exclusive community that consists of incredible scholars from all around the world is not only a great joy, but also a tremendous learning opportunity. Fulbright’s D.C. chapter is a thriving example of mutual understanding and international cooperation, and it shows the benefits of diversity. Getting to know other scholarship holders, attending Fulbright conferences and events, as well as having access to an impressive alumni network, have definitely enhanced my time in the Unites States and made my studies at Georgetown more successful.

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Student Spotlight: Freddy Kaiser (MAGES ’18) Says SFS Community Has Prepared Her for a Career in International Business

“I knew I wanted to focus on the role of international business in foreign affairs, and that interest strengthened as I dove more deeply into many of these issues at Georgetown. However, the interdisciplinary focus at MAGES led me to develop new perspectives on my interests and allowed me to see how deeply interconnected they are with other areas of international affairs.”