Photo of Freddy Kaiser

Student Spotlight: Freddy Kaiser (MAGES ’18) Says SFS Community Has Prepared Her for a Career in International Business

“I knew I wanted to focus on the role of international business in foreign affairs, and that interest strengthened as I dove more deeply into many of these issues at Georgetown. However, the interdisciplinary focus at MAGES led me to develop new perspectives on my interests and allowed me to see how deeply interconnected they are with other areas of international affairs.”

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Europe in the World, 1914-1940: Race, Colony, Empire

On September 14, 2015, Dr. Geoff Eley presented the inaugural lecture for the BMW Center’s 2015-2016 special events lecture series, “Europe and its Others” In his lecture, entitled “Europe in the World, 1914-1940: Race, Colony, Empire”, Eley discussed how mass democracy shaped imperial politics in the 20th Century, and explored new avenues for the study of World War I. The theme expounds on topics from his recent publication on 20th Century European history.