The BMW Center for German and European Studies would like to thank our generous partners who have contributed to our continued strength and growth as the premier center of its kind in North America.


In 1996, BMW secured the existence of our Center with a ten million dollar gift – the single largest gift in Georgetown’s history at the time. Today this gift helps the BMW Center for German and European studies maintain its competitive edge by supporting important faculty research, funding events and lectures focusing on interdisciplinary and emerging transatlantic issues, and most importantly, providing student scholarships. Approximately 80% of our students receive a portion of merit-based aid and all are extremely grateful to BMW for their generosity.

Without a merit scholarship from the BMW Center, I would have never been able to study at Georgetown. Every day, I cherish the opportunity to be in this incredibly enriching environment and know that my studies at the Walsh School of Foreign Service have already changed my life beyond any expectations. For that, I will be forever grateful and will do all I can to give back to the society and help those who are in a similar position as I was.”
Jakub Hlavka, Czech Republic, MAGES’14

Our ongoing relationship with BMW also provided a significant opportunity for second-year student Lars Mietkhe, who was selected as the second recipient for the BMW signature internship at the Munich headquarters in summer 2012.

Having applied to graduate school with the intention to combine my prior experience as a business student with the political and diplomatic expertise taught at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, this internship provided an ideal opportunity to apply these two fields at the juncture of business and government. The topics of concern in my role as intern for the government affairs department were strongly oriented on current EU, as well as German, legislation regarding e-mobility, CO2 emission policy, global trade regulation, as well as the responsibility of multinational corporations in the transatlantic and global progress on sustainable technological innovation.”
Lars Mietkhe, Germany, MAGES’13


The BMW Center was awarded two competitive grants from the DAAD in 2013 that enhanced faculty exchanges between German universities and Georgetown University and that enabled the Center to continue showcasing academic research on Germany and Europe at the heart of the transatlantic network.

The first is a multi-project grant from the DAAD New York office focusing on “Promoting German and European Studies in North America.” Projects funded for 2013 included:

  • Two-day symposium sponsored by the German department under the direction of Professor Friederike Eigler entitled “German-Polish Border Regions in Literature, Film, and Historiography: Trans-National Approaches to National Histories”
  • BMW Center Annual Graduate Student Conference
  • Three-day conference convened by BMW Center professor Anna von der Goltz, and Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson from the German Historical Institute on “Inventing the “Silent Majority”: Conservative Mobilization in Western Europe and the United States in the 1960s and 1970s”

The second grant was awarded by the DAAD Bonn office for the BMW Center to conduct an eight-day student study tour. A group of 13 students, 7 from the BMW Center for German and European Studies and 6 from other DAAD Centers for German and European Studies around the world (China, Russia, Netherlands, and Israel), traveled to Berlin to study ‘Politics and Praxis of Diversity in the Federal Republic of Germany.’ The interdisciplinary approach to the theory, praxis, politics, and policies of diversity in Germany enabled the masters students to experience first-hand how diversity is conceived, politically constructed, practiced, and experienced in Berlin. Students attended lectures, seminars, workshops, cultural activities and talks with German and international academics, community organizers, local officials, politicians, and students from the German partner universities. The trip was conceived and supervised by Asiye Kaya, DAAD Visiting Professor at the BMW Center, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Iman Attia, faculty member of Alice Salomon (ASH) Hochschule in Berlin and Prof. Dr. Maureen Maisha Eggers, Hochschule-Magdeburg in Stendal.

French Center of Excellence

The BMW Center for German and European Studies belongs to the network of French Embassy Centers of Excellence. This network, housed at major research universities, enhances the stature of France within European Union studies; promotes France-US relations through interdisciplinary teaching programs; encourages public-private and research partnerships with France; and innovates in the realm of outreach activities to encourage student interest in France. For more information about the partnership, read here.

Prince of Asturias Chair in Spanish Studies

Plato once said that the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. I had the privilege of learning about the United States and its foreign policy at this University. I learned, among other things, that tradition […] quoting Eliot, ‘cannot be inherited,’ but rather must be obtained by ‘great labor.’ We have before us today the first fruits of this ‘great labor’.”
Excerpt from a speech by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe de Borbón y Grecia, at a ceremony marking the inauguration of the Prince of Asturias Chair in Spanish Studies at Georgetown University, March 23, 1999.

In recognition of Georgetown University’s longstanding commitment to the study of Europe and international affairs, Endesa, S.A. established the Prince of Asturias Chair in Spanish Studies in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in 1997, as part of an ongoing program to promote Spanish culture in academia.

Endesa’s generous gift, named in honor of His Majesty King Felipe VI of Bourbon and Greece, supports the appointment of leading scholars at Georgetown, and provides a focus for programs and activities in Washington that enhance U.S.-Spanish relations.