This accelerated program allows select highly-qualified Georgetown undergraduate students receiving their BSFS degree from the School of Foreign Service to complete their MAGES degree requirements with just one additional year of study.


Applications must be submitted in the student’s junior year and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are a BSFS undergraduate interested in this unique opportunity, you must have a joint meeting with the Supervisor of Academic Programs at MAGES and the undergraduate dean responsible for accelerated programs prior to submitting your application. Please contact the Supervisor of Academic Programs at the BMW Center for German and European Studies for more information about the degree and to set up the joint meeting.

The Program

BSFS/MAGES students will complete MAGES core coursework in their combined senior year of the BSFS program/first year of the MAGES program. In the same year, they will complete any remaining requirements for the BSFS degree. Students may double-count up to four MAGES courses toward the BSFS degree. 
Students graduate from the BSFS program at the end of this year of combined study. The following year, they complete remaining MAGES requirements and graduate with the MAGES degree.