The Georgetown University Law Center, the Graduate School, and the School of Foreign Service offer a four-year dual degree program of international studies leading to the Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master of Arts in German and European Studies (MAGES). This professionally oriented course of study is designed to integrate advanced work in area studies with a professional legal education.


Students undertake a four-year course of study comprising a minimum of 113 credit hours: 74 hours of Law Center courses and 39 hours of MAGES work. Students would typically begin the dual degree program at the Law School, spend their second year in the MAGES program, and take coursework in both programs during the third and fourth years of the program. More detailed information about the MAGES/JD requirements and curriculum can be found here.

Admission and Financial Aid

Applicants to the MAGES/J.D. dual degree program must separately complete all application procedures and fulfill all entrance requirements for both the MAGES program and the J.D. program. Guidelines set out by the Georgetown Law Center are different than those set out by the School of Foreign Service. Application requirements for the J.D. program can be found on the Law Center website.

The dual degree student is considered a law student for three out of the four years of the program, and would be subject to law school tuition and financial aid arrangements for three out of four years. This would typically mean that students would be eligible for Law Center funding and subject to Law Center tuition and fees in their first year, Main Campus funding and tuition levels in their second year, and Law Center Funding and tuition arrangements for all subsequent years.