The Center and the Georgetown University History Department offer a joint course of study leading to a MAGES/Ph.D. in History. Joint degree students save roughly one year of taking course work by pursuing the two degrees simultaneously, while still receiving full preparation in both their discipline and in regional studies.


The curriculum includes a total of three years (60 credits) of course work drawn from MAGES program and the History department. In the belief that the complexities of world affairs, no less than the demands of an academic career, recommend breadth in graduate education, this program is designed to provide a strong interdisciplinary foundation for more advanced, specialized work in German history.


Students who are interested in this program may either apply to both degree programs at the same time, or may apply for the Ph.D. portion of the program during their first year of study in the MAGES program. Students may apply to receive the MAGES degree upon completion of all Ph.D. course work and the MAGES portion of their comprehensive exams. Applicants to the joint MAGES/Ph.D. program must complete all application procedures and fulfill all entrance requirements for the MAGES program. Applicants must also submit a separate application packet for the History program according to the guidelines set out by the History Department. Application requirements for the History program can be found on the History Department website.

MAGES Degree Requirements

Candidates for this degree must complete all requirements for the MAGES degree with the following variations: MAGES free elective course work must be comprised of required courses from the Department of History. Students must pass their foreign language examination prior to taking departmental comprehensive examinations.

Ph.D. Requirements

Candidates must also complete all requirements for the Ph.D. in History as outlined below:
  • One core colloquium, taken by all entering students in their first semester (3 credits).
  • One year-long research seminar in the major field (6 credits).
  • One course in issues and literature of the major field (3 credits).
  • Five colloquia in the major field, including the MAGES core course in Modern German and European History (15 credits). A second research seminar can be substituted for one or two of these colloquia. Three colloquia in the minor field (9 credits).
  • Passage of first and second foreign language exams.
  • Passage of written and oral departmental comprehensive exams.
  • Preparation and successful defense of the dissertation according to the guidelines set out by the Department of History.
For more information about the Ph.D. portion of the program visit the Department of History website.