The general course requirements are listed below. You may read more information here.

  • Language: Complete coursework in a major European language through the advanced/third-year level.
  • History: Two upper-level European History courses.
  • Economics: One course (with ECON-001 and ECON-002 as prerequisites).
  • Government: One course.
  • Elective addressing ideological or cultural perspectives: One course.
  • Elective addressing the regional or international behavior of the region of study: One course.
  • Colloquium (GEST-454): An interdisciplinary reading and research seminar for senior certificate candidates offered each fall. Students will be expected to complete a thesis.


Courses counting towards the Certificate are tagged in the Myaccess course schedule. They can be located by going to “Attribute Type” and select “College/SFS/European Stud Cert.”

Below are a list of courses that have been offered in the past:


Admission to the certificate program is based on an application which reflects a directed, purposeful selection of courses. The application must be turned in by the end of the sophomore year or during the junior year with permission. No applications will be accepted from students with senior standing.


Dr. Peter Pfeiffer, Program Director
Department of German, ICC 467
Phone: (202) 687-5693

Questions may also be directed to Zoe Ziliak Michel, MAGES Supervisor of Academic Programs.