Message from the Director

August 2016

Last fall we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the BMW Center. The decision a quarter century ago to create a novel academic degree program focused on the study of Germany and Europe has paid dividends beyond all expectations. The BMW Center has become a magnet for talented young people seeking to deepen their understanding of Europe and to integrate that knowledge with practical skills.

Our experience at Georgetown is testimony to the power of Say's Law of Markets. The supply of area-specific teaching, research, and programming generated by the BMW Center has created and sustained a demand for German and European studies at a time when pressures to redirect resources and attention to other regions of the world and to challenges that transcend transatlantic affairs are mounting. The far-seeing public and private investments dating from the 1990s, in retrospect a comparatively tranquil time in world affairs, now position the BMW Center to help address the unprecedented challenges confronting the US and Europe, and to convert these challenges wherever possible into meaningful opportunities for progress.

Jeffrey J. Anderson
Graf Goltz Professor and Director
BMW Center for German and European Studies
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University