Gregor Gysi Visits the Center

Dr. Gregor Gysi chairs the parliamentary party DIE LINKE and represents the Berlin-Treptow-Köpenick constituency in the German Bundestag. An attorney by profession, he was a central figure in the transformation of the East German Communist Party (SED) into the post-unification Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) in eastern Germany. Dr. Gysi briefly served as Deputy Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Labor, and Women’s Issues in the SPD-PDS coalition in Berlin from January to July 2002.

The main purpose of his week long visit to the United States was to open the new offices of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in New York City. Dr. Gysi’s last stop before departing for Berlin was the BMW Center, where he gave a short lecture on the state of the European Union (critical, but by no means terminal!) and the left’s agenda in Germany and Europe (ambitious yet feasible!). He then engaged in a lively Q & A with students and faculty.

This event is part of the What's Left? What's Right? 2012-2013 Special Event Series.

Below: Dr. Gysi signing the certificate for the Center's pieces of the Berlin Wall.