Alumni Spotlight: Anastasiya Shapochkina

Photo of Anastasiya Shapochkina

Anastasiya Shapochkina graduated in 2009 and works as an Economics and Strategy Analyst for EDF in Paris, France.

The MAGES program gave me excellent opportunities to experience life in Washington, DC and to venture into the European job market. The MAGES core courses on EU institutions, politics, and economics positioned me well for my internship in the Bundestag in the summer after my first year, and a module on EU lobbying helped me to land an internship in a Brussels lobbying firm. While in the program, I was also able to explore a broad range of international relations subjects ranging from transatlantic relations to environmental policy. In addition, my time at Georgetown provided me with rich networking opportunities in the Capital, and positioned me well to find my first job in a consulting firm in Madrid. The priceless opportunity to take daily French language classes during my two years at Georgetown at no extra fee through the MAGES language scholarship program, and thus to learn a language of which I had not spoken a word before starting my degree, was a crucial factor for my later professional growth in France. Furthermore, courses in energy security, energy policy, business negotiations, and finance and accounting prepared me well for my current position with the French energy company Electricite de France in Paris. Finally, MAGES allowed me to meet great people whose examples have inspired me, and to build many lasting personal and professional relationships.