Alumni Spotlight: Brent Goff

Picture of Brent GoffBrent Goff graduated in 1999 and works as the Chief News Anchor at DW News in Berlin, Germany.

I chose the MAGES program for three reasons. First, because it is interdisciplinary and allowed me to advance my studies of European politics and economics. Second, location, location, location! I knew that being in Washington, D.C. would allow me to expand my professional network and to continue working in journalism part-time. Finally, the BMW CGES awarded me generous scholarships for both years of the program.

I find myself using my MAGES education constantly in my career as an international journalist. The Greek debt crisis and the migrant crisis are only two of the many stories which I have and continue to report on a daily basis. What I learned from Professor Wolf’s course on the EU economy is alive and well and accompanied me as I prepared questions for interviews with leaders such as German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, his former Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis, and former ECB head Jean Claude Trichet.

My job as Chief News Anchor and host of “The Day with Brent Goff” requires me not only to be ahead of the current events curve, but to conduct thoughtful, analytic discussions live on air on a wide-range of German and European news events. There have been many times when I have relied on my MAGES education to connect the complex geopolitical dots of a story quickly and accurately and to ensure my audience receives the complete story.