Class of 2020

Photo of Elise Anderson

Elise Anderson

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES gives my personal international experience as a German-American Army Brat some academic accreditation, and opens the doors for me to work on an international stage with people I admire.

Photo of Charlotte Carstens

Charlotte Carstens

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES because of its interdisciplinary course offerings that will both broaden and deepen my knowledge of European affairs. Additionally, the small MAGES cohort size provides a personalized feel while still having access to all the resources of a large university. Plus, Washington, D.C. can’t be beat when it comes to working and networking in international relations.

Photo of Anna Casals Fernandez

Anna Casals Fernandez

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES’ interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum offered the opportunity to study international, European, and Spanish relations while also focusing on migration and humanitarian crises.

Photo of Delphia Cleaveland

Delphi Cleaveland

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES for interdisciplinary scope of study it offered, for the incredibly inspirational, fun, and supportive atmosphere of the BMW Center and it’s Faculty, and for the opportunity-rich environment of Washington D.C.!

Photo of Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES for its academic rigor, professional focus, and drive to tackle today’s transatlantic challenges

Photo of Emma Fox

Emma Fox

Why I Chose MAGES: I was interested in studying international relations, and I find Europe to be a fascinating part of the world. I very much enjoy European languages, cultures, and history.

Photo of Charlie Fritz

Charlie Fritz

Why I Chose MAGES: After studying abroad in Madrid at the time of the 2017 Barcelona attacks and the Catalonian independence movement, I realized that I wanted to further my study of international politics and security in a program that focuses on Europe so that I could one day help preserve political and economic stability in the region. I chose MAGES because it allows me to conduct more research on such topics while advancing my foreign language skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Photo of Sam Gibson

Sam Gibson

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES was a happy marriage between a professionally-geared degree and my academic and personal passions.

Photo of Rani Gold

Rani Gold

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES will give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and gain new skills.

Photo of Scott Haviland

Scott Haviland

Why I Chose MAGES: The interdisciplinary curriculum provides a comprehensive look at Europe, but provides plenty of flexibility to pursue specific interests. The community and network of MAGES and SFS are top notch!