Core Faculty

Photo of Katrin Sieg

Katrin Sieg

Director and Graf Goltz Professor
Specializations: German and European Cultural Studies, Contemporary Theater and Performance, Feminist and Queer Studies, Critical Race Studies, Postcolonial Studies
Office Location: ICC 505
Picture of Charlotte Cavaillé

Charlotte Cavaillé

Assistant Professor
Specializations: Comparative Political Economy of post-industrial Democracies, Comparative Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Immigration and Politics, the Politics of Welfare State Expansion and Reform
Office Location: ICC 504
Picture of Abraham Newman

Abraham Newman

Associate Professor
Specializations: International Regulation, Data Privacy, European Union, Financial Regulation, Foreign Bribery, Homeland Security
Office Location: Mortara Center 207
Picture of Anna von der Goltz

Anna von der Goltz

Associate Professor
Specializations: Political and Cultural History of Germany in the Twentieth Century, On Myth, Memory, and Commemoration, Political Activism in both German states in the 1960s and 1970s, Oral History, and the History of Generations
Office Location: ICC 506
Picture of Holger Wolf

Holger Wolf

Associate Professor
Specializations: The German Economy, the European Economy, History of Money and Finance, Exchange Rate Regimes
Office Location: ICC 501