All Faculty

Picture of Katrin Sieg

Katrin Sieg

Director and Graf Goltz Professor
Specializations: German and European Cultural Studies, Contemporary Theater and Performance, Feminist and Queer Studies, Critical Race Studies, Postcolonial Studies
Office Location: ICC 505
Photo of Spencer Boyer

Spencer Boyer

Adjunct Professor
Specializations: National and international security, transatlantic relations, European and Eurasian affairs, U.S. public diplomacy and public affairs and international organization affairs
Picture of Charlotte Cavaillé

Charlotte Cavaillé

Assistant Professor
Specializations: Comparative Political Economy of post-industrial Democracies, Comparative Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Immigration and Politics, the Politics of Welfare State Expansion and Reform
Office Location: ICC 504
Picture of Mario Daniels

Mario Daniels

DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor
Specializations: Economic and Social History, Business History, History of Science, History of Technology, Genocide Research
Office Location: ICC 507
Picture of Dieter Dettke

Dieter Dettke

Adjunct Professor
Specializations: German foreign, economic and security policy, Europe and European-Russian relations, Transatlantic relations
Picture of Gale Mattox

Gale Mattox

Adjunct Professor
Specializations: Transatlantic relations, German foreign and security policy, NATO and European Security, U.S. National Security
Picture of Abraham Newman

Abraham Newman

Associate Professor
Specializations: International Regulation, Data Privacy, European Union, Financial Regulation, Foreign Bribery, Homeland Security
Office Location: Mortara Center 207
Picture of Natividad Fernández Sola

Natividad Fernández Sola

Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor
Specializations: European Foreign and Security: relations with Russia and the post-soviet space, with North Africa and Sahel countries, strategic planning the EU and States Recognition
Office Location: ICC 509