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Picture of Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Why I Chose MAGES: I want to develop more of an expertise on the current cultural and political environment in Europe as it relates to international security and transatlantic relations. I hope to take full advantage of the MAGES program’s world class education in addition to all the opportunities available at Georgetown and around Washington D.C.!

Photo of Elise Anderson

Elise Anderson

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES gives my personal international experience as a German-American Army Brat some academic accreditation, and opens the doors for me to work on an international stage with people I admire.

Photo of Kevin Caler

Kevin Caler

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES because I wanted to explore Europe more in depth as a region to get a more complete picture and broaden my horizons.

Photo of Charlotte Carstens

Charlotte Carstens

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES because of its interdisciplinary course offerings that will both broaden and deepen my knowledge of European affairs. Additionally, the small MAGES cohort size provides a personalized feel while still having access to all the resources of a large university. Plus, Washington, D.C. can’t be beat when it comes to working and networking in international relations.

Photo of Anna Casals Fernandez

Anna Casals Fernandez

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES’ interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum offered the opportunity to study international, European, and Spanish relations while also focusing on migration and humanitarian crises.

Photo of Delphia Cleaveland

Delphi Cleaveland

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES for interdisciplinary scope of study it offered, for the incredibly inspirational, fun, and supportive atmosphere of the BMW Center and it’s Faculty, and for the opportunity-rich environment of Washington D.C.!

Picture of Tessa Coggio

Tessa Coggio

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES offers an intimate, supportive cohort within the large, well-known SFS with all the excitement of the nation’s capital at my fingertips – there’s no better balance!

Photo of Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES for its academic rigor, professional focus, and drive to tackle today’s transatlantic challenges

Picture of Brian Craft

Brian Craft

Why I Chose MAGES: As a German minor and History major at the University of Michigan, I developed a passion and interest in the history and politics of Europe and Germany during my undergraduate studies. I’ve also always had a strong interested in international relations.

Photo of Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES offered an attractive combination of location, program size, and a highly engaged and knowledgeable community of scholars engaged in all things European. I am looking forward to what I will learn here.