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Photo of Emma Fox

Emma Fox

Why I Chose MAGES: I was interested in studying international relations, and I find Europe to be a fascinating part of the world. I very much enjoy European languages, cultures, and history.

Photo of Charlie Fritz

Charlie Fritz

Why I Chose MAGES: After studying abroad in Madrid at the time of the 2017 Barcelona attacks and the Catalonian independence movement, I realized that I wanted to further my study of international politics and security in a program that focuses on Europe so that I could one day help preserve political and economic stability in the region. I chose MAGES because it allows me to conduct more research on such topics while advancing my foreign language skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Picture of Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher

Why I Chose MAGES: I am excited by the regional and interdisciplinary focus MAGES provides while having the opportunity to study international relations at SFS.

Photo of Sam Gibson

Sam Gibson

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES was a happy marriage between a professionally-geared degree and my academic and personal passions.

Photo of Rani Gold

Rani Gold

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES will give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and gain new skills.

Photo of Scott Haviland

Scott Haviland

Why I Chose MAGES: The interdisciplinary curriculum provides a comprehensive look at Europe, but provides plenty of flexibility to pursue specific interests. The community and network of MAGES and SFS are top notch!

Photo of Kyra Howe

Kyra Howe

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES because its interdisciplinary curriculum really aligns well with my interests and the SFS Graduate Career Center seems genuinely committed to helping me find me a career that I love.

Picture of Joseph Jorjoliani

Joseph Jorjoliani

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES to learn more about European integration, Transatlantic partnerships and EU institutions. With MAGES degree, I think I will be highly prepared to contribute to my country’s European integration.

Photo of Sarah Lawton

Sarah Lawton

Why I Chose MAGES: With its specific European focus and many Europe experts from a variety of different fields, MAGES was the program that I had always wanted that wasn’t available to me in undergrad.

Photo of Mark Luth

Mark Luth

Why I Chose MAGES: I’ve always focused my studies around Europe. The EU provides a living model for supranational government that you can’t find anywhere else, so the chance to focus on that in an environment like Georgetown was too good to pass up.