Each year, the CGES Alumni Association awards one second-year MAGES student the Jill A. Hopper Award at the conclusion of the MAGES Final Colloquium where second-year students present their MAGES projects. Created in 1999 to honor the memory of Jill Alexandra Hopper (MAGES class of 1996), the Hopper Award recognizes dedication to academic service and scholarship. Throughout her time at Georgetown, Jill maintained the highest standards for herself both inside and outside the classroom. Her commitment to academic excellence earned her the admiration of classmates as well as recognition within the broader academic community of scholars. Her talent for inspiring others to excel indelibly marked her class; her enthusiasm and optimism enlivened the Center. The Jill A. Hopper Award celebrates her example and encourages others to aspire to the same standards.

Hopper Award nominees are selected via a two-tiered process: second-year MAGES students first nominate their peers who demonstrate the qualities of service, community, and academic excellence recognized by this award. The nominees are then asked to submit drafts of their MAGES projects to the CGES Alumni Association. Representatives from the CGES Alumni Association then review these nominations and selects the recipient based on the quality of the nominees’ thesis projects and demonstrated excellence in and outside the classroom.

Photo of Nili, Monty, Ricky, and Jeff
The 2018 Hopper Award Recipient is Richard Bordelon.

Past Hopper Award Recipients:

  • 2018     Ricky Bordelon
  • 2017     Triet Pham
  • 2016     Brent McDonnell
  • 2015     Timothy Schmalz
  • 2014     Emily Sieg
  • 2013     Robert Mevissen
  • 2012     Susan Fratzke
  • 2011     Michael McKeon
  • 2010     Halley Aelion
  • 2009     Lindsay Pettingill
  • 2008     Morgan Schupbach
  • 2007     Jordan White
  • 2006     Thrine Kane
  • 2005     Sharyn Claffey
  • 2004     A. Wess Mitchell
  • 2003     Aspen Brinton
  • 2002     Nathan Galer
  • 2001     Allyson Kozal
  • 2000     Alexander Merrow