Meet Ryan!

Ryan Millerick, Class of 2016

My name is Ryan Millerick and I am from Salem, Massachusetts. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2012 at Georgetown, double majoring in German and Classical Languages. After developing an interest in Germany, Europe, and international affairs as an undergrad, especially through an extensive study-abroad experience in Germany, I spent five months in 2013 interning with the German Bundestag in Berlin through the International Parliamentary Scholarship Program. During my stay I received word that I had been accepted to MAGES and had also received a Fulbright grant. I decided to defer my MAGES enrollment and spent the 2013/14 school year teaching English in the heart of Munich.

I chose the MAGES program because it combined all the aspects I was seeking in a Master’s degree: an international affairs focus on transatlantic affairs, an interdisciplinary approach, opportunities for professional growth in and outside of the classroom unique to DC, and an extensive, tight network of alumni, faculty, and staff. My concentration is a focus on comparative transatlantic politics and government affairs. I am currently interning at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in DC, a German political think tank. In the summer I will be heading back to Munich to intern with BMW in their Government Affairs and Corporate Communication office. My long-term goals are pushing me towards careers where the private and public sector meet, through government affairs and communication.

Summer 2015 Internship: BMW AG in Munich, Germany

From June 1st to August 26th 2015, I interned with the BMW Group AG in Munich, Germany, in their Government & External Affairs and Sustainability Communications Department. I was completely integrated into the team from day one and was able to assist in various short and long-term projects with various coworkers in the team. 

My work focused on three main areas. The first was political and external communication, which involved researching and analyzing various issues for briefing materials for meetings between BMW corporate representatives and political stakeholders, such as ministers, state presidents, and representatives of the European Commission. Additionally, I helped with the organization of a visit from the President of Clemson University, where I helped develop the agenda concept and supervised the delegation from Clemson, a strategic partner university for BMW.  

The second area was sustainability communications, where I assisted team members in developing concepts and communication documents for meetings with international environmental protection organizations, as well as to create strategy materials for international sustainability communications of the BMW Group for 2015 and 2016.

The final area of my work with BMW over the summer was stakeholder engagement. There were two main projects I was involved in in this area: developing the concept for BMW’s cooperation with the European Youth Parliament with internal and external partners; and a London Stakeholder Dialogue event on urban mobility, where I supported colleagues in creating workshop materials, presentations, protocol, and de-briefings, including on-site support for the event in London.   

This internship with BMW in Munich was an absolutely incredible opportunity and excellent experience for any MAGI with interest in (private-sector) political communication and corporate communication, generally speaking. The experience working directly for a global, German-based company with such a high amount of hands-on work with the government affairs department would be hard to find elsewhere.