Hon. Safak Pavey Speaks to the BMW Center and the Institute of Turkish Studies

The BMW Center and the Institute of Turkish Studies presented 'Between Turkey and Europe: Democracy's New Clothes' with Safak Pavey, Member of the Turkish Parliament, on Friday, January 18 in the CCAS Boardroom. The event marked the launch of the BMW Center's spring lecture series on "Europe: What's Left? What's Right?" Ms. Pavey delivered an articulate and spirited critique of the current state of democracy in Turkey, with special emphasis on how the Turkish version of the classic Left-Right divide -- the Left as nationalist and secular, the Right as nationalist and religious -- creates unique challenges for those who hope to keep the country on the reformist path to both model Islamic republic and model democracy. The event drew a very large and engaged audience, including a media representative from the Turkish bureau of Voice of America.

On June 9, 2013, Ms. Pavey wrote an article appearing in The Guardian entitled "Why the Turkish protests matter to the west".  The role of religion in public life again appears in this article, as do Ms. Pavey's concerns about education, freedom of speech, and corruption.