Meet Tommy!

Tommy Romero-Batista, Class of 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Tommy. I was born and raised in Cuba and came to the US in 2008. I lived in Miami for 6 years where I got my BA in International Relations and minored in Political Science and French at Florida International University. Although I spent most of my time in Miami working two jobs (a full-time and a part-time - awful I know!) I had the amazing opportunity to do a summer abroad at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers in France. It was amazing! Plus, I was able to travel around in France and Europe which was a great experience.

Why MAGES? Well we are AWESOME! But seriously, this program was the one that best reflects my interests and is able to provide me with the best foundation to launch my professional career once I graduate. Also, the interdisciplinary approach that the program provides is unique, as is its focus on providing students with necessary skills for “real life”.

My main focus of study has always been the European Union and France in particular. I am currently working as a Research Assistant at Georgetown's Institute for the Study of International Migration. For the summer I am hoping to go abroad, maybe to France or Belgium, so fingers crossed! In the short-term my main objective is to win the two Flynn Games as a graduate student (for more information about the BMW Center Community, click here) and in the long-term, would ideally like to work for the EU or the Department of State.