Meet Will!

Will Fleeson, Class of 2016

My previous work combines academic and practitioner experience in the fields of communications and public diplomacy. Prior to attending Georgetown, I worked as Managing Editor of Publications at the Embassy of France in Washington, where I oversaw the production of English-language print and web content and social media. I also hold an M.A. in French cultural studies from Columbia University.

Fun fact: I was born exactly two minutes after my twin sister, Taylor.

Summer 2015 Internship: Kroll, Washington, D.C.

From June through August, I interned with Kroll, a compliance and due diligence advisory with offices around the world. My work involved conducting preliminary investigations into the elements of risk—whether legal, regulatory, or reputational—faced by a person or company. For example, if a U.S. bank wants to lend to a company in China, but the U.S. company doesn’t know anything about the Chinese company’s background, how should they assess whether partnering is a good idea? That’s where Kroll comes in. Kroll has developed highly effective processes by which it can determine whether a person or company has been taken to court, penalized by its home government, or suffered from a negative public image. Other factors have to be explored as well: is the person politically connected? Are they in violation of international sanctions—possibly without even knowing it? Once Kroll determines these and other aspects of an entity’s risk profile, the company reports it to the client, who can then make an informed decision on how to continue—or terminate—their dealings with the other party.

Kroll was a great place to apply international affairs training to a real-life business. Not only that, Kroll is a compliance and due diligence industry leader, sought after by many of the world’s most dynamic law firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations. I felt confident that what I learned about the world of compliance, I was learning from the best. Kroll’s global presence allows them to offer services to clients in dozens of languages, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese.  My colleagues had similarly diverse skills: their languages included Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese, and their subject matter expertise ranged from military affairs and national security to macroeconomics and global financial transactions. I was certainly in smart company!