Prior DAAD Conferences

European Collective Memories in an Age of Populism(April 2019)
European countries have been deeply influenced by collective memory discourses for decades. Laboriously constructed against substantial opposition from many quarters, Holocaust-centered memory had become a supranational European memory regime. Although there are many causes, the rise of right-wing populists in many countries with a nationalistic worldview has accelerated the decline of this memory regime. This conference discussed the political and cultural consequences of these changing memory discourses.

Decolonizing the Museum – Transnational Comparisons (November 2018)
International Conference, Georgetown University and Howard University. Historians, curators, artists, and activists in both the U.S. and Germany are at the center of discussions about dire pasts, the politics of collecting and exhibiting, and the possibility of repair.

1968–The Global and the Local (March 2018)
This two-day international conference held at Georgetown University in March 2018 used the fiftieth anniversary of “1968” – an international symbolic shorthand that signifies a broader moment of political and cultural upheaval in the 1960s and 1970s – to revisit its global and local meanings.

Regulating Knowledge Flows in the Global Age (November 2017)
This workshop throws new light on how European states and the U.S. regulate the global flow of knowledge in the name of national security and national interest in a competitive world.