Each spring the Center sponsors the MAGES Final Colloquium to prepare MAGES students for participation in academic and professional conferences. Second year students present their Master’s Projects to faculty and fellow students, while first year students serve as commentators. The Final Colloquium provides a valuable opportunity for creative interaction between students and faculty. It showcases the diversity of student academic interests, and highlights the interdisciplinary nature of the MAGES program.

The interdisciplinary nature of the MAGES program is made evident at the MAGES Colloquium by the vast array of project topics pursued by students. Past paper topics have included the following:

  • Selling Out: The EU’s Marketing of Europe
  • Integration and Identity Construction: The European Union and the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
  • Alpinismus and Mental Geography: Mountain Landscape and Regional Resistance, 1870-1880
  • The German Citizenship Reform: Explaining the Debate and Its Outcome with Three Explanatory Factors
  • The European Union and Competitiveness in the Telecommunications Sector
  • The Impact of Corruption in Europe Innovation Policy in the European Union
  • The Center-Right in Germany and Austria: An Uncertain Future of the Post-National Consensus