Executive Committee

The Center Director works closely with an Executive Committee comprised of the Dean of the School of Foreign Service, Center faculty, faculty representatives of departments with which the Center has joint degree programs, and a MAGES student. The Executive Committee meets monthly to establish programmatic and curricular policies, and to facilitate cooperation and coordination among the various parts of the University associated with the Center.


  • Jeffrey Anderson
  • Mario Daniels (non-voting)
  • Richard Kuisel
  • Kathleen McNamara (SFS Dean’s Office representative)
  • Abraham Newman
  • Peter Pfeiffer
  • Christina Ruby (non-voting)
  • Katrin Sieg
  • Anna von der Goltz
  • Holger Wolf
  • Zoe Ziliak Michel (non-voting)
  • MAGES student representative

Advisory Council

In addition to the Executive Committee, the Center has an Advisory Council consisting of prominent Americans, Germans, and other Europeans from the private and public sectors as well as from academe. The Council meets annually to advise the directing staff and faculty, and to provide consultation and guidance for the Center leadership as it explores and defines future programs and policies.


  • Ms. Britta Baron
  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf (retired)
  • Ms. Cathryn A. Clüver
  • Mr. Andrew Gundlach
  • Dr. Joel Hellman
  • The Honorable Thomas Hughes
  • Mr. Bryan Jacobs
  • Dr. Caroline King
  • Dr. John E. Rielly
  • Dr. Katrin Sieg
  • Mr. Jeffrey A. Thinnes
  • Dr. Anna von der Goltz