Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Sonia Alonso

Sonia Alonso

Associate Professor of Government, School of Foreign Service-Qatar
Specializations: Political parties and party competition, federalism and centre-periphery conflict, democratic institutions and public opinion, democratization
Photo of Laia Balcells Ventura

Laia Balcells Ventura

Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor, Government Department
Specializations: Civil Wars, Terrorism, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, Transitional Justice, European politics
Photo of Amanda Garrett

Amanda Garrett

Assistant Professor of Political Science, School of Foreign Service-Qatar
Specializations: Comparative Politics; International migration and refugees; immigration and integration politics; and the politics of conflict
Photo of Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin

Assistant Professor, School of Foreign Service and Department of History
Specializations: Modern Europe, International History, Political Economy, History of Capitalism