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Photo of Anne-Sophie Mahle

Anne-Sophie Mahle

Why I Chose MAGES: A broad range of opportunities to specialize in a field of European studies in an international environment and chance to investigate the importance of European integration from a transatlantic perspective.

Photo of Becca Martin

Rebecca Martin

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES appeals to me both academically and socially. First, the program is unique in that it enables me to pursue my passion for German Studies from a political perspective instead of a strictly literary one. Second, MAGES is known for building close connections throughout the course of the program that translate into lifelong friends as well as professional contacts.

Photo of Nils Martin

Nils Martin

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES presents me with an opportunity to continue developing my skills and engage the world in a very real way. I’m looking to find a job where I have the ability to shape policy in an exciting and challenging work environment.

Picture of Strahinja Matejic

Strahinja Matejic

Why I Chose MAGES: I chose MAGES for its close-knit community and excellent curriculum, which enables a multidisciplinary approach in examining US-Europe relations and beyond, while simultaneously allowing students to explore variety of fields in the greater SFS/Georgetown network.

Picture of Colin Milner

Colin Milner

Why I Chose MAGES: For the quality of the education and its great reputation.

Picture of Maddie Mitchell standing in front of monument

Maddie Mitchell

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES was my dream program, but it was still a very hard decision for me. The deciding factors were the ability to keep up with my German and learn a new language and the customizability of the program.

Photo of Nate Moulton

Nate Moulton

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES combines the resources and expertise of SFS with a tight-knit community of Euro-nerds. I was already familiar with SFS from my undergrad studies, so it was the community, as well as the research and career opportunities, that drew me to MAGES.

Picture of Julian Mueller-Kaler

Julian Mueller-Kaler

Why I Chose MAGES: Ever since I started to be interested in American politics and the transatlantic relationship, it was a personal desire to pursue my studies in the US at some point. Studying at the BMW Center will enhance my understanding of transatlantic and European politics from an international and American point of view.

Photo of Liam Mullins

Liam Mullins

Why I Chose MAGES: To develop and copperfasten my knowledge of transatlantic and European affairs.

Photo of Alex Roberds

Alex Roberds

Why I Chose MAGES: MAGES is my dream program. I’ve always wanted to study Europe, and MAGES is the perfect place to do it. It’s a fantastic group of people who will help me to broaden my knowledge and experience and work towards my eventual goal of pursuing a career in transatlantic relations.