Each year, the Center receives many requests from scholars who seek affiliation with the BMW Center wile undertaking their research in the nation’s capital. We also forged a partnership for faculty to visit Georgetown through the European Commission’s Marie Curie Exchange Program, and through the Open Society Institute of the George Soros Foundation. In the upcoming academic year, we look forward to providing more opportunities for scholars to deepen their research by sponsoring two DAAD visiting research positions.

If you are interested in being appointed as a Visiting Researcher at the BMW Center, please contact Christina Ruby at rubycm@georgetown.edu. More information about the process can be found here.

A sampling of past Visiting Researchers and their projects:

  • Andreas Daum, Germany/USA
    “Berlin, Kennedy and German-American Relations in the Cold War”
    “Alexander von Humboldt and the Emergence of the Modern World”
    “The Second Generation: Émigré Scholars from Germany in the Transatlantic World”
  • Mathias Freise, Germany
    “European Union and Civil Society”
  • Pablo Leon, Spain
    “Film Trade and Transatlantic Relations (Cold War), and History of American Propaganda and Public Diplomacy- Franco Spain”
  • Bakyt Ospanova, Kazakhstan
    “European Union Actorness”
  • Friedrich Paulsen, Germany
    “Identification and comparative analysis of innovative practices of public governance in a German and a US city, focusing on the cooperation of and power relations between public, private-commercial and private non-profit actors”
  • Sarah Perret, France
    “Process of “securitization” related to immigration and naturalization laws, based on a comparative study between German, France and the United States of America”
  • Angela Perez, Spain
    “Catholic Women during the 1940’s in Democracy and Dictatorship”
  • Kai Pfundheller, Germany
    “Differences and Similarities of German and American Sister Cities”
  • Delphine Sappez, Spain
    “Citizenship and Autonomism in Cuba in the XIXth Century: Antonio Govín y Torres’ Commitment (1847-1914)”
  • Andrea Walther, Germany
    “Local Policy Making Through Informal Governance”
  • David Moto Zurdo, Spain
    “Diplomatic Relationships between the Basque Government in Exile and the State Department”