The Center and the Georgetown University Department of Government offer a joint course of study leading to a MAGES/Ph.D. in Government. Within the Ph.D. program, students can choose from one of two tracks: Comparative Government or International Relations.


The curriculum includes a total of three years (63 credits) of course work drawn from the MAGES program and the Government department. This program is oriented towards students who wish to complement their disciplinary studies in Government with the interdisciplinary regional focus of the MAGES Program.


Students who are interested in this program may either apply to both degree programs jointly, or may apply for the Ph.D. portion of the program during their first year of study in the MAGES program.

Applicants to the joint MAGES/Ph.D. program must complete all application procedures and fulfill all entrance requirements for the MAGES program. Applicants must also submit a separate application packet for the Government program according to the guidelines set out by the Government Department. Application requirements for the Government program can be found on the Government Department website.

MAGES Requirements

Candidates for this degree must complete all requirements for the MAGES degree with the following variations:

MAGES free elective course work must be comprised of required courses from the Department of Government.

Students must pass the MAGES second foreign language examination prior to taking departmental comprehensive examinations.

Ph.D. in Government Requirements

Candidates must also complete all requirements for the Ph.D. in Government follows:

  • The Theory and Methods requirement, comprised of 7 related courses (21 credit hours).
  • A major in either Comparative Government, comprised of a minimum of 6 related courses (18 credit hours) or a major in International Relations, comprised of a minimum of 6 international relations courses (18 credit hours).
  • A special field minor comprised of the remaining eight courses from the multidisciplinary core curriculum of the MAGES program.
  • Passage of a Ph.D. Qualifying Appraisal, to be initiated by the student during the spring semester of the first year in the MAGES program.
  • Passage of Ph.D. Comprehensive Examinations in the MAGES minor field, as well as both a written and oral examination in the major field. Comprehensive examinations can be taken upon completion of all relevant course work.
  • Preparation and successful defense of the dissertation according to the guidelines set out by the Department of Government.

For more information about the Ph.D. portion of the program visit the Government Department website.